Spring is in full swing! You and your family (furry loved ones included) will be enjoying the good weather as much as possible. With good weather comes pesky allergens that are looking to stop all the Springtime fun in its tracks. Here are some ways you can protect your home and family from allergy season:

1. Change your vacuum filter or replace vacuum if more than 8 years old

Vacuums are an amazing tool when it comes time to eliminate allergens in the air. But if the filter needs replacing or the vacuum itself is causing a fine dust to appear, allergens are spilling back out into the air. Look for vacuums with a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air). They will trap airborne allergens, thus greatly reducing triggers to allergy and asthma symptoms.

2. Get the dust before it gets you!

Regular cleaning can also be extremely beneficial when looking for ways to appease allergy symptoms. This is especially important if you have little ones and pets, as younger children have their hands on more things that pets have access to than adults. Dusting regularly on those easy-to-reach surfaces and paying close attention to vents, window sills, baseboards, and fans will improve conditions tremendously.

3. Don’t let your bed and clothes harbor allergens

Removing shoes before entering the home and changing your clothes after having been outside may seem excessive, however allergens will make the fabric its personal transportation into your home. It is also recommended to wash your sheets in hot water (just about 130 degrees Fahrenheit) every other week and keep pets of your bed.

4. A new filter will keep your HVAC system happy

Changing your air filter should on your radar especially this time of year. A home with no pets should have the filter changed every 90 days, where homes where individuals with allergies or pets should change the filter 45-60 days. You can take the extra step towards a healthier home by adding an Ultraviolet Air Purifier to your heating and cooling systems.

Northwest Heating and Cooling has custom air purification packages/programs for your family’s unique individual needs. You can choose between Bright, Pure or Fresh to have a healthy home. After all, a Healthy home is a happy home. For more information, contact one of our Northwest Heating & Cooling team members at (678) 384-4337.