Fall may be starting, but the South still has some hot days ahead! Here are some great tips that could save you money, keep you cooler, and make your pets happier when you’re feeling the heat!

1. Save Energy in the Living Room

We spend a good amount of time in our living room, so during hot days we want to keep out as much heat as possible. Leaving the drapes closed can help keep out heat from the sun, allowing your air conditioning to work more efficiently and help keep your electric bill lower. Getting rid of drafts in your living room can also help minimize the loss of cool air. Check to make sure your fireplace flue is closed, and that there are no places for cool air to escape.

2. Don’t Forget Your Pets

While you’re away at work or the store, don’t forget to leave your HVAC unit on. You may think about turning off your air conditioner to save some money while you’re away, but if it gets too hot inside your pets could suffer discomfort or physical harm. And always make sure you leave your pets with plenty of water to drink!

3. Use Fans to Circulate Air

Placing oscillating floor fans in a room that you’re in can help you feel cool. Moving air helps our bodies cool off, giving relief when we’re trying to keep the air conditioner a few degrees warmer to save money. Ceiling fans work, too. But remember, if you leave fans on in another room, that uses energy and doesn’t help keep you any cooler. So be sure to only have fans on when you’re in the room.

4. Reduce Heat from the Kitchen

You might be surprised how many sources of heat are in your kitchen. The oven and stove are the most obvious culprits. To produce less heat from your kitchen on hot days, try cooking your meals with small appliances that don’t produce as much heat.

5. Keep Your Bedroom Cool

When temperatures get unbearable outside, some of us want to crank up the air conditioner inside… but this can be a costly and inefficient way to cool down! When using your bedroom, try turning on an overhead or box fan, covering windows with black-out drapes, or using a portable air conditioning unit to keep yourself cool. This can help lower cooling bills and make you more comfortable inside.