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Healthy Air

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Smart Choices for a Healthy Home

Indoor Air is far more polluted than the air outside!

That’s a scary fact but according to the EPA, the air inside your home, where you spend about 70% of your time, is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air.

How can that be?

Think of your home as an organism and your heating & cooling systems as the breathing mechanisms. The system supplies conditioned air but at the same time it pulls that same air back into the return. This means that the air is being constantly recycled and is picking up particulates from pets, cleaning products and what you cooked for dinner. It’s no wonder it’s polluted.

A Ray of Light

But now you can breathe easy with an air purifier from Northwest. Our line of Ultraviolet Air Purifiers are installed directly onto your heating and cooling systems and ensure that the air inside your home is cleaner, fresher and healthier for the whole family!

Ultraviolet Air Purifier

  • Makes HVAC Systems more efficient
  • Air Treatment to neutralize odors
  • UV light deactivates contaminants like mold, bacteria and viruses

Ultraviolet Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT Odor Absorption

  • Recommended for families with allergies
  • Excellent for humid climates and cold winters where windows are always closed
  • Removed odors caused by pets, cooking, and other sources

Ultraviolet Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT Odor Absorption and Media Filter

  • Media filters capture more airborne particles
  • Compatible with most gas, oil and electric furnaces & air conditioning systems
  • Filters last up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter

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