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Heating Repair

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Heating Repair Services

Emergency heating repairs, gas furnaces & electric heat pump system repairs, replacement systems, and maintenance service in greater north metro Atlanta

We understand urgency and customer service. When you need a heating repair service it usually means that speed is of the essence. We dispatch repair techs as quickly as possible to cover heat repair requests. We have experienced and friendly heating repair professionals that cover all of greater north metro Atlanta.

Beyond one-time heating repair service calls we can cover any HVAC that arise. From HVAC maintenance agreements to heating and air conditioning replacement projects we can do it all. We also offer programmable thermostats and upgrades to improve indoor air quality.

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It’s no fun when it’s cold outside and you need a heating system repair service. It’s also not pleasant to think about how much it’s going to cost when you hire a heating repair contractor. Fortunately we offer reasonable prices for all of our heating and cooling repair services. If you smell natural gas around your heating system it may be wise to shut off the gas supply. An experienced gas heating repair specialist can check your system for safety issues.

Gas heating repair is somewhat challenging as a gas system employs mechanical systems, natural gas systems and sometimes electronic ignition systems. Some repair calls are resolved with simply relighting a pilot light while others require changing gas valves or switches. Lighting a pilot light may seem like a simple task however; it’s worth noting that it has a very real potential for deadly results. If you have any type of problems with your gas heating system we can respond to a service call very quickly. Learn more about gas furnace repair.

Electric heating repair requires a different process than what is used for gas heating repair. Heat pumps rely on heat strips instead of gas fired systems to warm air. Heat pumps are difficult for the do-it-yourself handyman to diagnose and repair. We have the professional diagnostic equipment and schematic information to quickly find problems. We can then promptly and safely replace faulty components. We are experts at heat pump repairs and maintenance. Learn more about heat pump repair.

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