With summer right around the corner, the use of your HVAC system will greatly increase. If anything is causing stress on the system, you could be looking at costly A/C repair fees, high utility bills and insurmountable personal stress. There are steps you can take in avoiding these stressful situations.

1. Keep regular maintenance and schedule routine tune-ups

Little issues can turn into major problems when ignored. Dirt build up and low freon are just a couple of issues that can affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. With regular HVAC tune ups and maintenance, you can not only avoid these issues and vastly improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

2. Be a fan-addict!

For each degree you lower your home’s thermostat, you could potentially reducing your utility bill by 3%! Utilizing your home’s fans or even purchasing fans to cope with hotter temperatures can help circulate air and reduce the need to consistently use your A/C.

3. Let the sun in, but not too much!

You’ll want to open the blinds and let the sunlight in your home. However, if your home is getting direct sunlight, unfiltered, this will cause more heat to radiate, thus causing increased use of your air conditioning system. Solar screens and planting shrubs near these windows can greatly help with blocking out some of the direct sunlight.

4. Always check the filter and clean your ducts

Not checking the filter regularly tends to be the biggest cause of HVAC system issues. The dirt build up, as stated before, will lead to your system overworking itself. Invest in a good filter and be sure to clean all air ducts. This is key during peak usage months.

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