With the temperatures on the rise, here are some tips to keeping your energy costs down so you can enjoy a worry-free Summer!

Utilize natural ventilation

When the temperature drops in the evening, leave windows ajar before behind heading to bed, cut off the A/C. In the morning, close the windows and blinds in order to hold the cool air inside. Look into installing window covers and treatments, this will help prevent heat from coming through the windows of your home.

Use your thermostat to your benefit

If you set your thermostat as high that is comfortable for your family in the summer, the smallest difference between the temperature inside and outside will help with lowering your cooling bill. When you are away from your home, keep the house warmer than usual and lower when you are home to 78°F.

Keep Hot Air Out

Look for openings and cracks to keep warm air from seeping in your home. Caulk and weather stripping are great ways to seal the leaks around doors and windows.

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